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Premier Health, LLC is offering free sports physicals for all Combs Coyotes. Premier Health is located at 22717 S. Ellsworth Rd. Suite B101, Queen Creek, Az, 85142. Take the Flyer along with the Athletic Packet from the school, at the time of your sport physical. Call ahead and make an appointment.

Dad’s passion for football started as a young child, while he wasn’t able to play the game himself, his love for the game continued, and only grew as he watched his own boys play. After retirement he was finally able to be a part of a Team. He joined the Combs Football Team as Coach Koga. Dad was passionate about football, but even more passionate about “his boys”.

When discussing funeral arrangements with Dad, he requested that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be sent to Combs Football Team, so “his boys” and “his team” would continue to benefit despite his physical absence.

We ask that you be lead be Dad’s example and give with all your heart. Our hope as a family, is that “his team” can feel his love for them and so his name and memory can live on for years to come.

Much Love and Aloha,

The Koga Family

If you wish to make a Donation to Coach Koga’s Memorial Fund, please follow the link: http://combscoyotesfootball.com/store/products/koga-memorial-fund/

If your student plans on playing football this year, please make plans to be at the mandatory parent meeting on July 7th, at 6 pm. At this meeting you will get to meet the coaching staff and football booster club. You will also receive all of the necessary information about the upcoming season. Please make it possible to be there. Shortly afterwards we will have our regular football booster meeting and all parents are welcome to sit in.

As you are paying your Sport fees, Football camp fees, etc. make sure you submit as a Public Education tax credit. Designate were your tax credit to used for Football Camp or Football sport fee.You will receive a dollar for dollar reduction in state taxes owed. See Flyer for more details. The Bookstore can also assist with this as well or visit www.jocombs.org-State Tax Credit for more info.

Enroll in Fry’s Community Reward with your Fry’s VIP card. This gives money to Combs High School Football every time you shop at Fry’s Food store. Click on Link below and use Organization # 36708 to benefit our Combs Coyotes Football.


Click on “Enroll Now”

Enter in your information attached to your Fry’s VIP card

Enter in Organization #36708

Save it and that’s it.

This months Booster meeting has been canceled. If you have any questions please let us know.


Football Booster

 General Meeting

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Call to Order:  6:05 PM



Attendees: Brooke Shaw, Chris Shaw, Stacy Johnson, James Loggins, Jennifer Loggins, Jorgi Andersen, Coach Hart, Alex Torres, Norma Torres, Mandee Robinson, Tony Cluff, Corrina Cluff


Jorgi Andersen- Balance in Boosters account is $600.35


Coach Hart said that he will look to see what is in football club account and possibly transfer funds over to boosters( ** after the meeting Coach Hart confirmed that football Club Account had $4000, and he will transfer $2000 over to Football Boosters**)


Food options for team meal( Chick Fil-A, Filiberto’s) specifically something that is different than subs and not too expensive. We would also look at possibly using these same vendors for the concession


Discussed Sponsors for Team Meals(possibly next year having parent volunteer for Freshman and JV Teams) We would feed varsity- this would reduce costs for meals


Coach Hart discussed wanting to attend NIKE COY(Coach of the Year Clinics- Cost was $90-100 per person) he would attend with Coach Ammon, possibly Coach Larson) Motion to approve: Chris, Second: Jorgi Andersen..*All in favor*.  Jorgi will get with Chevaun to get payment and registration


Glazier Clinics- Ben Johnson will go and be a proponent for our All-Star players


Putting together poster board with breakdown of what boosters provides to the players(visual for parents)


Coach Hart discussed having a meeting before summer starts to meet with incoming parents as well as current players – so everyone is aware of objectives moving forward with the next year of football


Brooke Shaw will assign concession volunteers next year(still trying to decide exactly how we will make it happen)


Website will be a yearly fee of $240( Due December of each year)


Golf Tourney has title Sponsor of American Family($1250). We will get check once website is up and running and there info is on there



Chris & Brooke need some help from other Booster members to get companies to donate items for raffle or to commit to being a sponsor of some kind for the golf tourney(possibly a Committee of parents to help with Golf particulars)


Chris also needs help with putting together advertising for the Golf tourney and putting together the registration forms


Coach Hart will reach out to Sunvalco to see if they will be a sponsor for the golf tourney


We also discussed having the registration fees due by April/May so that we have access to those funds up-front. Also no refunds on the registration.


Chris is working on setting up Football Boosters with Frys VIP Rewards program( we would get money every month for people just adding us to there Fry’s Card) Chris needs a document(Federal 501C3 form) from Chevaun and Stacy that Jorgi will work on obtaining to get this finalized


Website url is  www.combscoyotesfootball.com


Coach Hart talked to teacher at school that handles the programs and they will be more diligent this year to make sure that the programs are done and ready before the season starts( we need to look into finding sponsors that want their business advertised in the program)


James will get with Santa to get the company that we used for the yard signs and find out what the exact costs and turnaround time were for those


Chris, Coach Hart, James & Jennifer will meet this month with the website company and get the website up and running and add content to the website





Meeting Adjourned: 7:11 PM