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Call to Order:  6:04 PM

Attendees: Chris Shaw, Jennifer Loggins, James Loggins

Clara Bushell

Financials(Jorgi Anderson)- Jorgi e-mailed the breakdown of financials and we reviewed them

Polarfest 2015

Chris, Brooke and Jorgi are going to work the booth this year.  We are going to sell donuts  & bratwursts and apparel that was left from the season. We are also going to do Soda Ring Toss.

Chris asked for approval of $33 to purchase the donuts (We all voted and approved)

Chris asked for $30-35 to purchase a Combs Football Banner that we can display at all functions we participate in(We all voted and approved)

Coach Hart e-mailed about the AZFCA/ACA Fees, We are going to wait and see what the fees are then Jorgi will get approval to pay them(They were $350 last year)

James was contacted by Genna Johnson Event Coordinator Survivor Mud Run , she was asking if we had 25-35 people who wanted to volunteer on 3/12/16 for their event at ET Motopark from 7am-2pm, and they would donate $500 to our organization. We discussed this as a group and we need to verify when Spring Break is. We will get with Coach Hart and see if he wants to spearhead this event and get volunteers signed up

Jen, James & Chris discussed having a 7th and 8th grade Football Camp in the summer and also possibly looking into some type of Spring & Summer weightlifting program similar to other high schools in the area

Chris and James will talk to Coach Hart about how much contact high school can have with 7th & 8th grade players per AIA bylaws

Jen said that we need to have our $5 dues into Stacy ASAP for all Executive Members and voting members who want to vote(she mentioned bringing the fees to the School Booster meeting on 12/14)

Adjourn: 7:05pm

Be able to remember this season forever with this video off all your favorite players and coaches.



Heartbreaking loss to Show Low. It was a great season Coyotes!


Click on link below to purchase tickets to the end of the year banquet. Players are paid for by the Booster Club, so only additional tickets will be needed for this Banquet.



We are in and we are going up against a familiar foe.

This Saturday, November 7th @ 6pm  #15 Combs vs. #2 Show Low


This is a home game starting at 7:00 pm.

Out tonight: Travis Cottle (ACL), Trey O’Haver (Wrist), and Skylar Johnson (Wrist)


This is game is in Casa Grande Union High School and starts at 7 pm

Out with injuries tonight: Travis Cottle (ACL tear), Trey O’Haver (Hand)