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Combs Football Booster Club Meeting 3-1-16

Call to Order:  6:08 PM

Attendees: Chris Shaw, Jennifer Loggins, James Loggins Aaron Henry III, Jimmecka Henry, Brooke Shaw, Jorgi Anderson


Jorgi received the ledger from Chevaun and we currently have $5511.44 in our account

President’s Address

Jennifer proposed placing a cap on our 501C3 General Boosters donation. We discussed and voted to place our cap at $500(Jennifer-Motion, Jorgi-2nd) all approved. Jen will discuss this with Stacy and she will take this back to General Boosters


James and Chris brought forth their uniform proposals and presented them to the Group

Chris-Forza Athletics- $7600 (2 sets)

Cannot offer us any camp uniforms because of the offer that is currently on the table of buy 1 set, get 1 free. He did offer more flexibility on payment. We can do 50% down($3800) by March 31st, and that would lock us into the promo. We would then have until July to pay the remaining balance($3800), and we would still have the uniforms for Opening Night.

James- Garb Athletics- $6020(1 set)

They will give throw in a set of 50 Performance Shirts and Shorts, with our logo screen printed on the shirts(Camp gear cost us $1830 last year). They need $2000 down and would need something in writing with a specific date to pay the remaining balance whether it be in September or etc., which would be $4020.

There was more info necessary to make a decision and the group tabeled the vote to Tuesday via e-mail( there was an e-mail vote and Forza Athletics won 7 votes to 3) we have decided to move forward( Chris and Coach Hart will handle the expediting this). There will also be a donation of $2000 from the Football Club account towards the uniforms

Golf Tournament

Chris changed the golf tourney format this year. We will just do the round of golf and the lunch, no dinner. We decided that the best date to do the tourney would be 9/24(approved). We have space for 72 players and we need Hole Sponsors and players that want to play (Fee is $75). We will hand out raffle tickets during the check-in and draw as players are playing and give out prizes at the end. He submitted all information to Mr. Schreel for fliers. We also have tiered levels of sponsorship again this year( from $100-$1000).

Sponsorship Opportunity

James is still waiting for an answer from the School in regards to the Scoreboard Sponsorship. (Mr. Denton is waiting for an answer from legal). Also Mr. Denton was fine with VIP seating in the stands(boosters would have to be in charge of this) We decided to bring up to the parents at the parent meeting before we would move forward with this.

Spring Fundraiser

Little Ceasars Pizza Kits will be the Spring Fundraiser(it was approved). Sale dates will be from  May 2, 2016-May 10th-2016, delivery by the 20th.

Adjourn: 7:47pm( Jorgi Motion, Aaron approved)

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