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Combs Football Booster Meeting Notes 2-2-16

Call to Order:  6:10 PM

Attendees: Chris Shaw, Jennifer Loggins, James Loggins, Jim Hargrave, Clara Bushell, Coach Hart, Aaron Henry III, Jimmecka Henry, Melinda Cardon


Jorgi sent the ledger and we currently have $5773.23 in our account(She has accounted for $5360- Summer costs from last year) so we have a balance of $413.23 after those costs are accounted for

President’s Address

General Booster meeting would like each club to try to promote the BowlAoke event that is held in March, they would like each club to sell 10 tickets to this event( also donate basket and receive 100% of the funds if they want)

Also any e-mails to administration or anything that involves Football Boosters need to include Coach Hart and Jennifer on the e-mails so they are in the loop of anything Football Boosters might be doing

Also CowChip Bingo/BBQ was discussed..Possible Date and time would be 8/19/16 from 6:30-8:30pm, we would sell tickets for food plates and this would enter people in raffle( we need to find out of Pop Warner is there, we also need to find out if we can used the fields)..we tabled this for now until we can get full logistics worked out


Chris , Jennifer and Coach Hart met with the Eastbay Rep and he was able to provide different pricing for Nike, Adidas & Under Armour uniform prices(Range from $6k-$9k for just 1 set of uniforms)

Chris also received proposal from the Uniform Store for the Forza Athletics Brand( They can do buy 1 get 1 for $9100, This would get us Home & Away Jerseys and Pants) we were leery about the quality so we voted and approved for Chris to order a Mock-Up Jersey($76, Clara Motioned, Chris 2nd, All approved) if we feel the quality is appropriate we may move forward with them as they have the best prices.

Football Camp

We discussed doing an all Ages Football Skills Camp for $30(participants get shirt) per athlete and it would be open to athletes ages 6-14, this would be something that we would do in the summer. Coach Hart wants to discuss this further as we would need full help from the athletic program.

Golf Tournament

Chris is going to change the golf tourney format this year. We will just do the round of golf and the lunch, no dinner. We decided that the best date to do the tourney would be 9/24(Clara Motioned, Chris 2nd, all approved. We have space for 72 players and we need Hole Sponsors and players that want to play (Fee is $100). We will hand out raffle tickets during the check-in and draw as players are playing and give out prizes at the end.

Sponsorship Opportunity

James is meeting with Mr. Denton to discuss a partnership with a company that obtains sponsors and there signs would just need to be attached to the scoreboard. This is not approved and will be presented by James, Chris and Jennifer on 2/5/16 to Mr. Denton. If approved then we will move forward.

Spring Fundraiser

We discussed selling any items that are pre-sell items. We do not want to have to purchase anything in advance and then try to sell it. The best idea was Little Ceasars Pizza Packs(they range in price from $10-20,and we would get $5 back from each kit) the Henry’s did this in Detroit and they said that they always did very well. Jimmecka is going to get us more info and we will discuss at the next meeting and if it looks profitable we will move forward with it.

We also discussed having Buddy’s Pizza Night, Little Ceasars Night and Subway nights to help raise some money

Clara mentioned having priority seating at the games,($5 per game costs) and these seats would be reserved, Chris mentioned that Chandler does this as a fundraiser. We would need to get administration approval and we will run this by Mr. Denton. The drawback is that someone would need to monitor this area.

Spring and Summer Calendar

Car Washes June 4th and July 14th( Locations TBD) time is 8am-12pm

Card Sales run from June 27th-July 22nd(we will be first school selling them)

Tentative Summer Football Camp Dates- July 17th- July 22nd( Show Low High School) (Cost $200)

Football Parent Meeting- 5/3/16 & 8/2/16

Helmet Decal Night- 8/18/16

Coach Hart gave all the Calendar Dates

Freshman Football Start Date: 5/31/16

JV & Varsity Football Start Date: 5/2/16 (Spring Fundraiser start date as well)

All Dates and Calendars will be handed out at the Parent Meetings, also all 3 levels schedules are done and finalized

James will get with Sportdecals to get the helmet decals, DK Stickers, Pride Stickers & Number Stickers ordered (Coach Hart will check inventory on stickers and he and James will put together number of stickers that need to be ordered)

Clara Bushell, Aaron Henry III , Jimmecka Henry all paid their dues at this meeting

Adjourn: 7:46pm

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